Dive The Stargate Blue Hole In The Bahamas [video]

The Stargate Blue Hole is located in a remote part of Andros Island in the Bahamas. It is said to be one of the worlds most fascinating caves to dive.

The Bahamas  is a set of islands built on a base of limestone which is the skeletal remains of ancient coral reefs that accumulated over millions of years.  Thousands of years of slightly acidic rainwater has dissolved holes in this limestone base, some of which get very large and fill with water. Many of these holes have been found to contain cave systems within them. The Stargate is one of these blue holes.

In the clip below Jonathan Bird takes us along on his dive of the Stargate Blue Hole.  His trip begins at a dive shop in Small Hope Bay Lodge on North Andros. From there it is a 25 minute flight to and an amazing dive in Stargate

Watch the video clip below to see this amazing dive

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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