Discovering and Diving Ocean Blue Holes/ Caves In The Bahamas

Jonathan Bird takes us on a journey to discover and dive a new and uncharted cave /ocean blue hole in the Bahamas.

Jonathan and his partner, Zach Peterson, and set out to discover a new Ocean Blue Hole in the Bahamas off of Exuma. As Jonathan points out in the video the Bahamas is loaded with ocean blue holes, but most divers only frequent a handful of them. Therefore, using satellite images they set out to find a new and undiscovered ocean blue hole. As it turns out, it was a relatively easy task. They located a new and undiscovered blue hole and prepared to evaluate if it its actually safe to dive.

They illustrate the difference between ocean blue holes and freshwater blue holes. Most of these ocean blue holes connect to cave systems and other ocean blue holes. With this comes the possible hazard of being sucked in by ocean currents caused by fluctuations in the ocean’s tides. You have heard about the perils of Delta-P in divers in some of our other posts.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to discover new ocean blue holes as well as the considerations involved before entering them.

Discovering an Ocean Blue Hole – H/T YouTube Clips

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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