Cave Diving Turned Upside Down

Cave Diving Turned Upside Down

Here is an interesting twist on cave diving that makes the dive not only surreal, but trippy and unusual.

In the following clip Gus challenges Woody, in a Dive Talk episode, to figure out what is happening in a very unusual, but cool, cave diving clip. You can watch it below to see if you can get a sense of what is going on before their review.

Watch this unusual but very awesome diving in clip below.

“Beyond Gravity” – YouTube video by Razor Go Side Mount

It really does look surreal and does a job on your mind to watch it. Diving inverted isn’t the typical style of diving and can prove to be a challenge for divers looking for a different experience (perhaps?).

Watch the following clip – Woody and Dave review the idea of inverted (upside down diving) as well as their experiences with it.

“Divers React To Trippy Cave Diving Video” – YouTube video by DiveTalk

After watching this, any interest in going upside down on your next dive?

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