Cave Diving Tight Underwater Caves

Have you, or would you ever considered diving tight underwater caves such as these claustrophobic underwater cave?

Cave diving is already an extreme sport. It can be taken it to a completely different level by diving taking on the challenge of diving caves with tight spaces that you must give serious thought about fitting through. Just watching divers navigate the passages while diving tight underwater caves can be difficult for most of us.

In the following clip Jonathan and Todd explore the Shangri-La cave on Merritt’s Mill Pond in Mariana Florida. They went as far as they could (sidemount) without having to remove their tanks (no mount) just to fit through the tight cave.

“Exploring the TIGHTEST Underwater Cave (will we fit?)” – YouTube video by BlueWorldTV

So If you thought that was a tight cave dive and difficult to watch… Watch this one below.

I must assume there is something fun about diving these tight underwater caves. I just don’t see it. Although, I do enjoy watching clips of these types of cave dives.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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