Cave Diving Pans Labyrinth is Breathtaking [ Video]

As dangerous as it is, there is just something about cave diving that is captivating.

Cave diving offers an “other world”  experience that is very alluring even for spectators who cant seem to muster the courage to actually do it.

The following video clip is a side-mount dive of Pans Labyrinth at Abaco Bahamas. It is considered one of the most beautiful caves in the world.  We have included a longer version of the video clip in order for you to appreciate the beauty of the cave.  As you can see there are some pretty tight spots to navigate.

The following video was taken during an expedition that  explored a nearly inaccessible part of the Dan’s Cave Complex deep under acres of pine forest.

The expedition involved Brian Kakuk, Steve Bogaerts, Hp Hartmann, and a ‘Razor’ sidemount camera.  As Steve later wrote, “…I had the privilege to film probably the most beautiful caves in the world and to take my camera to places where nobody else has filmed before. Special thanks to Brian Kakuk to make this video happen”.

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Pans Labyrinth offers amazing cave diving experiences as seen in the video below.

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Read on for a snippet of Brian’s account of exploring Pan’s Labyrinth..

I left a marker and began the slow, tedious crawl back through the vertical forest of glass I had come through. On the way out, there were several times that I just stopped, laying there on my side with some incredibly intricate piece of crystal inches from my nose.  I could feel my heart and breathing slow as I lay there taking in the ridiculous beauty.  Having a place of this magnitude completely to yourself, with no one within miles of you, makes you want to just stop and soak it all in.  I felt like I could lay there for hours.

There is nothing like this place anywhere else on earth and for now, I had it all to myself. I didn’t want to leave.  I’ve been diving this cave for 11 years nearly every day and I still can’t process it all.  As hard as I try with words, this place is beyond description, and photos and video just don’t do it justice.  I feel like it’s easier to breathe here. I can see better here.  I feel better here. The world just seems better here.

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