Cave Diving Gone Wrong at Cenote Aerolito

Cave Diving Gone Wrong

This is a story about two very capable divers that got into a bit of trouble cave diving. They were diving the Aerolito Cenote in Cozumel when their dive went south.

The story is told by “Scary Interesting” about two friends, Alex and Donald. They set out to dive the Aerolito Cave. Unfortunately things unraveled quickly at the beginning of their dive. It all unraveled after one of the divers BCD happened to come off and float up.

A rather simple incident was compounded by panic and all hell broke loose. I found the following video clip that does an amazing job of explaining the mishaps as well as the technical aspects of cave diving.

Watch the very informative and insightful video narration of this incident below.

“Cave Exploring Gone WRONG | The Aerolito Cave Incident” – YouTube video by Scary Interesting

Cenote Aerolito is a very unique and exciting dive site for experienced cave divers. If you want to know more about this cenote, watch the clip below with Jonathan Bird.

Jonathan Bird dives Cenote Aerolito in the clip below.

“Underwater Cave Creatures! (World’s rarest cave?)” – YouTube video by BlueWorldTV

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