Shark Cam Captures Shark Communication

Shark Cam Captures Shark Communication

Have you ever wondered if sharks communicate? Well, as it turns out shark communication is a thing. Furthermore there is a definite pecking order with sharks.

A group of researchers were able to capture sharks communication in action. They deployed a shark cam (POV) and were able to capture this behavior first hand. they were able to capture how sharks use their communication skills to set boundaries and enforce their size based pecking order.

Sharks use body language to communicate with each other. Sharks cant make noise so they use positioning, arching their bodies, nodding their heads and opening their jaws to communicate with each other.

In the following clip divers explain and share shark communication techniques captured via a shark POV camera. Watch it below.

“Shark POV Camera Shows Great White Intimidation Strategy” – YouTube video by Discovery UK

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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