Shark Cage Diving Fails & Other Scary Diving Encounters

Shark Cage Diving Fails & Other Scary Diving Encounters

It can be said that one of the scariest things divers must come to terms with is the possibility of face-to-face shark encounters. Face-to-face shark encounters certainly are scary. However, there are quite a few other scary things that divers can encounter below the surface as well.

It can also be said that the chances of a face-to-face encounter with a threatening shark are vey slim. However, when the “rubber hits the road”, its the fear that’s between our ears that matters.

We have been trained by Hollywood, an the likes, to absolutely fear sharks. We (humans) tend to be thrill seekers. Therefore, this fear of sharks, as well as other apex predators, becomes a thrill and we go through great lengths to get up close with predators that we would otherwise hardly encounter in most instances. Our thrill seeking interests go way beyond shark cage diving too, but lets focus on sharks for now. I guess you can say, we go looking for trouble.

The following clip presents 11 shark encounters and other scary diving encounters that led to unexpected results.

“11 Shark Encounters When Cage Diving Went Wrong” – YouTube video by Smart Pizza

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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