Self Propelled Ocean Cage For Shark Diving

The Self Propelled Ocean Cage (SPOC) is an experimental self propelled cage for divers to get up close and personal with sharks.

In this episode of Blue Wilderness, Mark Vins gives this experimental cage a try with the great white sharks of Guadalupe in their kill zone.

The SPOC submarine is highly experimental, somewhat crude and can only be piloted by one or two people in the world. Eric Higuera, a marine biologist and ocean photographer is one of those people.

Together Mark and Eric venture out for what he calls the encounter of a lifetime.

Watch the video below to see how their great white encounter plays out.

“Great White Shark Submarine Explores the Kill Zone!” H/T Mark Vins YouTube Clips

Read more below about the SPOC and how you can book a trip to experience the great whites of Guadalupe in the SPOC yourself.

Designed and built specifically for Pelagic Fleet, SPOC was originally used for scientific research, but with the launch of Socorro Vortex, a commercial license was granted allowing paying customers to experience great whites in an extraordinary new way. SPOC is the shape and size of a small, 2-person submersible (think yellow submarine), but is constructed of metal bars with a hole at the front large enough for a diver to squeeze through. Completely independent of the main ship, it is self-propelled and driven by a pilot who sits at the rear of the cage. The guest has the front seat, and the pair communicate with one and other, and the ship, using full face masks. The key benefit of SPOC is that it can achieve a cruising speed of 5 knots, allowing the diver to travel alongside the sharks, opening up a whole new range of photo and video options.


Images Source: YouTube Clips

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