Orcas vs. Sharks – How Orcas Take Down Sharks

Orcas vs. Sharks - How Orcas Take Down Sharks

With their combination of speed, agility and intelligence Orcas rule the seas. The relative ease by which they can take down great white sharks is a clear example of how orcas dominate in the orca vs. shark relationship.

Orcas use their intelligence to hunt sharks as a team. They force the shark to the surface where they wear it down while taking bites out of its fins. At some point in the hunt a final blow is delivered to the shark. With the final blow the shark is flipped onto its back to induce what is called tonic immobility (a form of paralysis). The pod then takes turns eating the shark to bare bones. These hunts can take upwards of an hour.

It has only been recently that orcas have actually been filmed hunting sharks. The video clip below is reportedly the first time a pod of killer whales has been filmed hunting and killing a tiger shark.

Watch the following clip below that captures the orcas vs. shark battle

“ORCA VS GREAT WHITE SHARK – Shark VS Killer Whale – Blondi Foks” – YouTube video by Blondi Foks

The following clip we get to see a narrated description of a pod of orcas attacking a great white shark while they were cage diving off the Neptune Islands, South Australia.

“Orcas Attack Great White Shark – Neptune Islands, South Australia.” – YouTube video by Adventure Bay Charters

Images Source: YouTube Clips, 2 , 3

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