New Shark Detection System Saves Diver During Installation

Diver Avoids Underwater Shark Attack With Sonar Technology

New sonar based shark detection technology creates protected areas for keeping shore areas safe from shark attacks.

The use of sonar for protecting beach goers and even scuba divers from shark attacks is under development. In fact, in the following clip you get to see first hand how this sonar based shark detection system works.

While installing and activating one of the sonar detection devices a averts a possible ambush by a large make great white shark..

Watch below for more details and to see this promising shark detection technology at work.

“‘Get Back In The Cage!’ SONAR Saves Diver From An Underwater Shark Attack | Sharks Of The Badlands” – YouTube video by Discovery UK

This new technology certainly shows promise. However, my question about this technology is its practicality. Specifically, are there limitations due to the number of sonar devices required on this sonar shark detection system?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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