Divers Jump Into Shark Feeding Frenzy With 40 Sharks To Film – Cageless

Divers Jump Into Shark Feeding Frenzy With 40 Sharks To Film - Cageless

Cageless divers jump in to a swarm of feeding sharks to get up an close film the action, It should be noted that they did this without a cage.

If you are wondering what a shark feeding frenzy look’s like. See this video below of a feeding frenzy that was recently filmed.

Watch the clip below to get an idea of what the scene of a shark feeding on a dead whale carcass can look like.

“Shark feeding frenzy off Australian coast | Animals | ABC Australia” – YouTube video by ABC Australia

So, imaging being at the scene and just jumping in to dive in the midst of all of those feeding sharks. Not many would have the courage to just jump in, but as explained below one did, and cageless.

Divers Jump In on the shark feeding Frenzy

As the story goes, a group of divers were notified that about 40 sharks feeding on a massive whale carcass that was floating towards Scottburgh main beach. There were 2 great whites, 20 tiger Sharks, 15+ bull sharks, dusky sharks and oceanic black tip sharks. It was an easy meal for the sharks and also a perfect photo opportunity for these divers.

After a preliminary assessment, one of the divers (Emil) decided to just jump right in on the frenzy to film the action. Surprisingly, it seems that he was treated as a guest at the table, so to speak, based on his description of the event (see post below).

Watch the video below to get an idea of what scene was like.

“Great White Shark Protects Me” – YouTube video by Aliwal Shoal Adventures

This is really an unbelievable story as told by one of the divers. See our previous post ( below) for a complete explanation and further details as told directly by the main diver, Emil Pirzenthal.

Images Source: YouTube Clips , 2, 3

[updated 8/17/2022]

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