Cage Diving Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island

Cage Diving Great White Sharks of Guadalupe

Shark diving is ever popular off the coast of Guadaloupe.

Great white shark diving off Guadalupe is ever popular. In fact it keep folks coming back for more year after year. Shark diving is thrilling and can become somewhat captivating as well as intoxicating.

Guadalupe Island, Mexico is said to be one of the best places in the world to cage dive with great white sharks. There are basically four cage diving destinations in the world. Here, in Guadalupe, you will find great visibility and warm water, unlike many other cage diving destinations.

“GUADALUPE CAGE DIVING: Everything You Need to Know” – YouTube video by White Shark Video

Most cage diving takes place within the confines of a cage,. However there are a few operators that use open-top cages for qualified divers.

Guadalupe is 20 miles from the mainland and is only reachable by liveaboard. Most liveaboard itineraries to Guadalupe for shark diving last 4 to 5 days.

The best time to dive Guadeloupe is from July to November. Travel-Padi, our affiliate, offers a number of libveaboards to Guadalupe for your next shark diving experience. Click here to check out the current availability and currently discounted liveaboards serving Guadalupe for some serious shark diving.

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  • Nice post. I love diving, but I never try diving with sharks. The videos that you share in this post are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us.

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