Blackwater Diving

Blackwater diving

You don’t often hear about blackwater diving, but it is an experience to have at least once.

Blackwater diving is a form of night diving where you basically just hang out in the water column and await to see what passes by. This type of diving is all about observing the tiny almost microscopic sea life that seeks refuge in the deep during the daytime that migrate up at night to feed. This form of diving offers a unique opportunity to observe larva as well as reef fish, in their juvenile stages, in addition to other species like jellyfish, and deep-sea or pelagic water creatures that spend their entire life in the open water.

Its hard to explain the experience of blackwater diving in words. Watch the following video clips to see for yourself what this type of diving experience is like.

In the video below, Pura Vida Divers in Riveria Beach, Florida, takes us on a blackwater dive and discuss the logistics of this type of diving while looking for tiny sea creatures.

“Diving Into Darkness (What is Black Water Diving?)” – YouTube video by Triton’s Realm

The following video explains what a blackwater diving experience can be like in Hawaii off Kona.

“Blackwater Diving Kona, Hi – Pelagic Fish, Siphonophores, Jelly Fish & More with Kona Honu Divers” – YouTube video by Knoa Honu Divers

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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