Blackwater Diving For The $1M Megalodon Tooth

Blackwater Diving For The $1M Megalodon Tooth

If you didn’t know, there is an $1M dollar bounty for an 8 inch megalodon tooth. In this post a group of divers share their search for it.

In the clip below these divers give the search for that million dollar megalodon tooth a serious try. Their quest takes them on a multi day journey to depths of 35ft. They faced serious currents and visibly challenging blackwater diving.

All in all, they netted a few nice finds, but not the ultimate prized tooth. Unfortunately however, their last day of diving was preempted by what turned out to be a relatively minor injury on their last dive as you will see in the clip below.

Watch the clip below to see what they found and how everything turned out. t

“WARNING GRAPHIC: This Could Not Have Gone Worse – Searching For The $1M Megalodon Shark Tooth” – YouTube video by Outdoors Weekly

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries. The search will continue for that prized tooth.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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