Rescued From The Very Edge Of Catastrophe – Record Red Sea Dive

Nuno Gomez dives the Red Sea to a record depth to 271 meters. This makes his dive the deepest dive ever in the Red Sea. However, its short of the world record he was after.

Diving to a depth of 300 meters has a margin of error that is 0 percent. Nuno Gomez attempted a record dive that nearly caused him his life.

Diving to these depths is a very technical undertaking in all respects. Nuno is a very experienced diver with over 30 years of diving. However, the massive water pressure caused an equipment failure that forced him to abort the dive.

What Happened:

Crushing pressure caused his specially designed regulator, designed for extreme depths, to fail. Because of this regulator failure he was not able to fail over to his back-up systems. As a result he was forced to relying on his bail out bottle and abort the descent at a depth unreachable by his support teams.

Nuno’s dive clearly tested his limits as well as his the limits of his equipment.

Watch the following clip to get a better idea of what is required to dive to these depths.

“Red Sea Record dive – 280 m – 918 ft (Part 1)” – YouTube video by Nuno Gomes

Fortunately Nuno was able to make it depth reachable by the safety divers at a depth of about 100 ft, exhausted every breath of every air he had available.

The Rescue:

Watch the following video clip to see the highly technical and expertly orchestrated rescue that saves the day for Nuno.

“Red Sea Record dive – 280 m – 918 ft (Part 2)” – YouTube video by Nuno Gomes

Even though he didn’t reach is target depth. It was still an awesome dive that challenged him as well as his team.

Nuno said that it was his experience that pulled him through. He also said “I used all of his 9 lives on this one”

Images Source YouTube Clips 1, 2

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