Humpback Whale Declares Hatchery a Fast-Food Joint for $13M Snacks

Whale of a snack

This lone humpback whale demonstrates how intelligent whales really are.

When it comes to judging the intelligence quota of animals, marine animals in this case, we often overlook exactly what intelligence is.

We view intelligence from our own perspective. However, intelligence comes in many forms.

Interestingly though, we as humans, view intelligence mostly the manipulation of things to get our desired results. However, in nature intelligence in the animal kingdom is about survival and the acquisition of food.

In this case a lone humpback whale exhibits intelligence that surprises many. Its objective, food, naturally. Interesting she travels alone and frequents a salmon hatchery that is tucked away in shallow waters to score a healthy $13 million snack. She does this very spot every April like clockwork making this fishery a has declared it a marine fast-food joint.

Watch her in action and notice she doesn’t even harm or pose a danger to the cameraman filming her enjoying a healthy snack.

“Clever Humpback Whale Pops Up for a Snack” – YouTube video by Terra Mater

Now it makes me wonder.. if this is a $13 million snack. Umm.. How much do you think it would actually cost to feed such a whale daily? Must be astronomical.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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