Diver vs. Large Sea Animals – Size Comparison Video

Diver vs. Large Sea Animals - Size Comparison Video

Awesome video animation shows what it calls a sea monster size comparison to a scuba diver. Its really a size comparison of a scuba diver to the largest known ( living & Prehistoric) sea animals .

I came across this awesome video comparison and had to share it with you. Take a minute to actually see a depiction of how we compare, size wise, to these large sea animals.

The following clip does a really great job at putting things in perspective for us.

Sea animals, creatures, giants and monsters! Living and extinct compared:

Archelon, Basilosaurus, Basking Shark, Bloop, Blue Tuna, Blue Whale, Colossal Squid, Common, Dolphin, Common Thresher, Cretoxyrhina, Cymbospondylus, Dakosaurus, Dallasaurus, Dolichorhynchops, Dunkleosteus, Dwarf Sperm Whale, Elasmosaurus, Giant Manta Ray, Giant Oarfish, Giant Orthocone, Giant Pacific Octopus, Great Hammerhead, Great White Shark, Halisaurus, Humpback Whale, Ichthyosaurus, Killer Whale, Leedsichthys, Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, Livyatan melvillei, Megalodon, Mosasaurus, Narwhal, Ocean Sunfish, Orthacanthus, Pistosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Sea, Scorpion, Sperm Whale, Steller’s sea cow, Styxosaurus Snowii, Swordfish, Tylosaurus, Whale Shark, Xiphactinus

H/T – G’s Data Lab YouTube Video

Watch it below – “sea monster size comparison”.

“Sea Monsters Size Comparison. The Largest Sea Animals, Living and Prehistoric” – YouTube video by G’s Data Lab

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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