007 Style DIY Mini Scuba Tank & Movie Demo

DIY 007 Scuba Gear

This DIY project is about form , function & style. Its not just a recreation of a breathing device inspired by a 007 James Bond mini scuba tank. It includes a short feature film demo.

Hats off to the this DIY project’s creator. As he stresses, this is not something to be attempted on on our own. He was able to successfully pull it off.

This DIY project created a number of hi-tech 007 devices that includes a mini scuba tank and other 007 like devices .

The amount of detail and design considerations put into this project is amazing.

If that wasn’t enough, he features these devices in a mini 007 like feature clip.

Watch how this project was pulled off in the highly informative and creative video below.

“This Mini Scuba Tank Fits In Your Pocket! V2, Twice The Air + Lights / Lasers (007 / Star Wars)” – YouTube video by JLaservideo

Images Source: YouTube Clip

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