Survive Killer Whale Encounters – Tips

Killer Whales, orcas, are not known for attacking humans as prey. However, there are times when dangerous encounters occur between a killer whale and a human.

Killer whales are among , if not, the top predators in the oceans and seas all around the world. These very large and extremely intelligent marine mammals are not typically hostile towards us humans at all. However, there are times when close or even fatal encounters occur.

Many of the documented fatalities that have occurred have been between orcas held in captivity and their trainers. They have a very tight family and community structure. As a result, they typically select and hunt for prey as they were trained to do before reaching maturity. Fortunately, we are not part of their upbringing and so we are not a choice on the menu.

That being said, we must remember that orcas are wild animals. They are highly intelligent wild animals. With this intelligence comes the possibility becoming bored as well as learning new habits. With boredom comes the possibility of opportunistic distractions from their boredom. If that includes you, there could be some serious consequences for you and that is regardless of the fact that you are not on their menu.

In the following clip a SeaWorld trainer managed to survive a killer whale attack during the final Shamu performance for the evening. Ken Peters, the trainer and experienced scuba diver, was preparing to perform a “rocket Hop” with Kasatka, a 500 pound killer whale. However, Kasatka apparently had other plans.

This video captures the intent and intelligence of these whales.

“How a SeaWorld trainer survives a killer whale attack” – YouTube video by Viral Compilation

The following video clip offers a few insights about known incidents between orcas and humans. These incidents expose some of the darker aspects in the range of orca behavior that we should be aware of.

Watch the following video. It shares very useful insights and suggestions for managing orca/human encounters just in case you might need to know.

“How to Survive a Killer Whale”- YouTube video by How to Survive

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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