New: PADI Mermaid Program

PADI has just introduced its new mermaid program for water enthusiasts to enjoy their underwater passion.

Apparently consumers have developed an underwater passion and desire the ability to imitate the diving skills and underwater abilities of mermaids.

“Mermaid Show” – YouTube video by Mariana Kazanova

No worries, PADI has stepped to the plate to make their dreams of being like a mermaid a possibility with a new program. The new PADI Mermaid training program is designed as a stand-alone program like the PADI Freediver program without requirements for scuba or freediver certifications.

The Four Student and Three Instructor levels of The Program:

PADI Mermaid Student Levels

PADI Discover Mermaid Experience – no prerequisites

PADI Basic Mermaid Course – ability to swim at least 25m and float comfortably at the surface for at least 3 minutes

PADI Mermaid Course – ability to swim at least 50m and float comfortably on the surface for 5 minutes

PADI Advanced Mermaid Course – ability to swim at least 100m and float comfortably on the surface for at least 10 minutes

PADI Mermaid Professional Levels

Basic Mermaid Instructor – can teach Discover Mermaid experience and Basic Mermaid course

Mermaid Instructor – can teach Discover Mermaid experience, Basic Mermaid course, Mermaid course and Advanced Mermaid course

Mermaid Instructor Trainer – can teach Mermaid Instructor course and orientation

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PADI Mermaid Program
PADI Mermaid Program – by

This program is available in English and simplified Chinese. So, here is your chance to jump in on the latest state -of-the art mermaid training with PADI.

Wait .. Wait … Florida has had mermaids for about the last 60 years… and there is no mention about mermen??

Mermaids have always been a fascination going way back. Weeki Wachee Florida is famous for its mermaid show and location on the Weeki Wachee spring in Florida. It is one of Florida’s oldest and most famous attractions over the last 60 years or so.

Watch below to learn more about the Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaids in Florida below.

“Florida’s Mermaids: The History of Weeki Wachee Springs” – YouTube video by Midway to Main Street

Meet a professional mermaid:

Linden is a professional mermaid that uses her profession as a mermaid to teach kids about the ocean in a fun and unique way.

Watch the following clip to see Linden at work as a professional mermaid.

“” – YouTube video by Glam, Inc.

Has this post inspired an interest in you to become a mermaid/merman? Give it some thought .. It could be fun 🙂

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