Great White Captivity Fails – What Happened To The Sharks?

Great White Captivity Fails - What Happened To The Sharks

The absence of great white sharks in aquariums may not be immediately apparent to most aquarium visitors.

Fact is, despite our very best, and often extreme efforts, there have been very limited if any success with placing great whites in captivity.

This is hard to believe. When placed in captivity these very virulent and majestic apex predators only last for about 24hrs in captivity. Reason would have us to believe that the sharks, when placed in captivity, would survive at least a few weeks and gradually die off. However, despite every conceivable effort by marine biologists and aquarium operators the sharks rarely lasted a few days at best.

The following video documents the many many attempts to place great whites in aquariums around the world. However, the emphasis here is on what happened to the sharks,.

Watch the following clip to understand the extraordinary attempts to place great whites in captivity and get the full story about what happened to the sharks that were placed into captivity.

“What happened to the Great Whites we put in aquariums?” – YouTube video by Wild World

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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