Deep Dive Dubai For An Unbelievable Dive Experience

Deep Dive Dubai offers a surreal dive experience that any diver would love … and it has nothing to do with marine life.

It is known as the world’s deepest pool and offers what is like an amusement park experience for scuba divers. It’s a 200 ft deep diving pool that has all types of what I can only describe as movie sets to dive through. There is a sunken city, underwater arcade and who knows what else.

Deep Dive Dubai holds a Guinness certification as the world’s deepest swimming pool for diving at 60 .02 meters deep. This pool offers a great diving experience for all levels of divers as well as freedivers.

Deep Dive Dubai is currently only open for invites now, but general admission is began in late July.

In the following YouTube clip, “Seek Discomfort” shares their behind the scenes experiences at this most unique manmade dive sites. Its described as resembling the site of an apocalypse flood of sorts.

Watch their dive of the worlds deepest pool below…

“Diving The World’s Deepest Pool (Underwater City)” – YouTube video by Seek Discomfort

This is a must see .. check it out in this awesome video clips below

“World’s deepest pool|60m| deep dive Dubai|Guinness world record” – YouTube video by UAE Royal Family
“Deep Dive Dubai” – YouTube video by thebrew ae

Amazing … I would like to go as far as say it compares to a wreck diving experience. Agree?

Images source: YouTube Clips 1 , 2 , 3

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