Divers Whacked By Humpback Whale Protecting Her Calf [Video]

Whales are peaceful and very friendly to scuba divers, but we must also respect their space as these divers found out.whalewack1

The Silver Banks Sanctuary in the Dominican Republic is very popular for whale watching and scuba diving with whales. However, it is not a good idea to get too close as these divers did.

Gwyn and Randy Thornton were were part of an 18 person expedition  that took place 9 hours off the coast of the Dominican Republic.


On the last day of their week long diving trip they noticed a whale with a newborn calf sleeping on its back at about 30 ft below them.  They thought they would observe from what they thought was a safe distance. of about 20 feet away. However the situation quickly changes for the worse as the whale suddenly bolts to the surface  as is required for the calf to breathe.


See next page below to watch the video of how this turned out.


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