WETSOX 5-Finger Gloves For Scuba Divers

The 6oz WETSOX 5-Finger Gloves is a new product  from WETSOX!

WETSOX 6oz 5 Finger Glove For Scuba Divers

The WETSOX  5 Finger Gloves can be worn alone or beneath your gloves. Similar to WETSOX boots, the make it easier to get in and out of your  your gloves … and even your wetsuite with ease.

One of the key benefits of wearing these gloves is the additional warmth that they provide for you hands while protecting them from abrasion by any sharp objects during your dive.

Made from quick drying material that is stitched together with a durable flatlock stitching. these gloves are a must for serious divers.


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