7 Myths About Scuba Diving

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Lets dispel a number of myths about scuba diving once and for all.

There is the general belief that scuba diving should only be done by highly skilled professionals. Scuba diving is naturally a physical activity and requires you to move about, but this shouldn’t be a deterrent.


Other myths include the fear of sharks, that divers are food for sharks. Also that certification is reacquired to scuba dive. It kind of makes sense that you should be able to swim if you want to scuba dive given the fact that you are constantly submerged in water, but in fact you don’t have to be a great swimmer at all. Although, the ability to swim is a great confidence booster.

Read more myths about scuba diving below.

MYTH #2: You need extensive training and to be certified to scuba dive!

You don’t need any experience at all. You can learn how to dive by going on an “intro dive.” This is an introductory experience to scuba diving under the direct supervision of a PADI professional. No training is required.

During an intro dive, your instructor will teach you everything you’ll need to know to safely scuba dive such as proper breathing through your mouthpiece, proper positioning and use of dive mask, important hand signals, and equalizing.

From the shore, your divemaster will slowly bring you into the water until you’re fully submerged. While the maximum depth for intro dives is 12 meters (39 feet), how deep you’ll go really depends on you and your comfort level once you’re underwater. Your instructor will be with you the entire time to introduce you to different schools of fish and navigate you through the most interesting sites underwater. All while making sure you’re safe.

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