Shark Enters the Cage With Divers (video)

A pair of scuba divers had the experience of a lifetime with a  great-white shark.

At 20 ft below the surface off the western Cape Coast(South Africa) a shark misses the bait and barrels into a shark cage with two divers. The divers are pinned on their backs at the bottom of the cage while the shark gets stuck in the cage  and lunges throughout the cage to grab them.

Shark In Cage

Eventually they, Jerry & Peter, both lose their regulators( ie. no air supply) and have to actually make contact with the shark to escape and save their lives.  They were eventually able to slip through the opening in the cage to escape.

The video below is the same Encounter from the perspective of the camera man…

Image Source: YouTube Clips

See  a more detailed video of how this happened on the next page below.

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