Peaceful Sharks, The Human – Shark Connection? [video]

As of late there appears to be an increased level of education that sharks are peaceful and the human- shark relationship. However, the jury is still out.

We have posts about sharks seeking help from scuba divers and Ocean Ramsey, an oceanographer who actually rides great whites.

Valerie, in the following video appears to be quite comfortable with this particular great white shark.  Although, she said she felt a special relationship to this particular shark she expressed a great deal of trepidation about doing this.

How much can we or should we trust our feelings about sharks being peaceful? … Umm…If we would just followed the don't touch rule there wouldn't be any issue though… Right?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Peaceful or not, does anyone even consider the unintended consequences on marine life of treating these marvelous animals as domesticated pets? As described in the following post about the unintended consequences of interacting with marine life.  It is well understood that there are unintended consequences of this action.

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