Tiger Shark Attacks Scuba Diver Who Broke Protocol [Video]

A group of 10 divers chum up  a bunch of tiger sharks and jump in.

A group of 10 scuba divers seeking the thrill of diving with sharks  were diving off the coast of Durban South Africa when one of them is attacked.  The plan was to chum up a bunch of sharks and jump in with them.

Chumed Shark Bites Diver

Shark Biting Chum Bucket

For safety they were to act as a school of fish by remaining together in a vertical position.

The safety plan worked well until on of the divers broke the safety protocol and got separated. Needless to say it didn't take long to become easy prey for a 10 foot tiger shark.

Fortunately for the diver, the shark didn't sever any any major arteries which could have easily resulted in certain death.

See this play out in the video on the next page below.




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