The Slow Movement of Coral [Video]

If you thought that corals were static aquatic life, you will be amazed by the following time-lapsed photography.

Coral movements are revealed under high magnification time-lapsed photography. Photographer Daniel Stoupin's short film called “Slow Life” condenses over nine months of photography into three and a half minutes in order to capture the natural movements of coral and sponges.

Although Corals and sponges have very important roles in the biosphere, very little is actually known about them.  Daniel's short film can be viewed below.  It is suggested that it be viewed in HD .. and yes the colors are real and not enhanced.

Watch this amazing short film that captures the movement of Corals and Sponges below.

Slow Life from BioQuest Studios on Vimeo.

Images Source: Vimeo Clips



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