Swimming With Manatees [Video]

Swimming with Manatees can be a surreal experience.

Although manatee populations are rebounding due to strong conservation, they are still an endangered species and highly protected. These gentle giants were once hunted to near extinction.  Florida is a virtual haven for Manatees and Crystal River Florida is the only place left where you are permitted to swim with manatees.

Manatees are very friendly and gentle giants as attested by Coyote Pete in the following video clip. In this clip he captures an awesome swim with the majestic Florida Manatees.

A thriving population of Manatees hang out due in Crystal River.  This is due to its many natural springs. These springs provide a source of warmth (warm water) during the winter months.  In addition the Crystal River as well as protected viewing areas such as Kings Spring for swimming along with the Manatees in near perfect clear water.


Watch the following video clip of Brave wildernesses crew as they swim with these gentle giants.


Images Source: YouTube Clips






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