She Rides Great White Sharks [Video]

Ocean Ramsey loves sharks and is doing her part to change the perception of sharks around the world.

That is right, Ocean Ramsey has been called a shark whisperer. However she is both a model and very capable free diver.  In addition, she is a Hawaiian raised scuba instructor.

Ocean is dedicated to increase our understanding about sharks. She says sharks are actually shy and afraid of us most of the time. Sharks are being killed because of finning and our insensitivity to the plight of sharks due to movies like Jaws.

When asked if she is the least bit afraid to swim with great white sharks. She said she is more afraid to drive on the road than swim with great white sharks. She says this, but warns that she doesn't recommend anyone just  jumping in

Watch the following video clip of Ocean Ramsey being interviewed on the Jeff Probst Show.

See next page below to see an amazing video of her swimming with sharks.


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