Scuba Diving In Canada

There are many great scuba diving destinations in Canada.

With more miles of coastline than almost any other country  you would expect Canada to have some amazing scuba diving destinations and you wouldn't be wrong.  Top diving destinations around Canada are found along it's pacific coast of British Columbia, the Great lakes and the Atlantic Ocean around Newfoundland and Labrador.

The waters around Newfoundland and Labrador are frequented by thousands of whales and Shipwrecks and icebergs are among the favorites dive destinations in the region.

The waters along British Columbia offers  an array of aquatic wildlife with the most popular diving destination on Vancouver Island.
Read on for more details about Scuba Diving In Canada and share your favorites with us

British Columbia

The waters along British Columbia are home to wolf eels, sixgill sharks, dolphins, orcas, sea lions and a bevy of soft corals. Divers also enjoy exploring vast clusters of yellow and white cloud sponges and large red sea fans. On occasion, divers luck out and catch glimpses of giant Pacific octopuses. The most popular scuba diving destination around British Columbia is on Vancouver Island, by Victoria and Nanaimo.


Although there isn’t much marine life in the chilly fresh water around Ontario, there are still diving exploration adventures to be enjoyed by scuba enthusiasts. The freshwater Great Lakes of Ontario are home to over 4,000 shipwrecks that draw divers who want to swim through their vast skeletal remains. Most scuba divers stick to the Great Lakes, but there are other diving options around such as Niagara Falls, Kingston, Prince Edward County and Toronto

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