Scuba Diver Guides Giant Squid To Sea [Video]

Rare sightings of large squid are occurring more frequently off the coast of Japan.

Most recently a 3.7 meter -long squid was spotted near a pier in central Japan.  The squid lingered in the area for several hours swimming below fishing boat moorings.  No one can seem to explain why the squid was so close to the shore, but it did provide the rare opportunity for scuba diver & local dive shop owner Akinobu Kimora the opportunity to swim with it.

Kimora said that his curiosity over came his fear of swimming with the giant of the depths with hope of guiding it back out to sea.  He also said that he squid appeared to be ok, not injured  as it tried to entangle him in its tentacles.

Watch an amazing video of his dive with the quid in the video clip below.

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Images Source: YouTube Clips


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