Scary Marine Wildlife Encounters [Video]

What should scuba divers do when they feel at risk from wild marine life?

It is suggested that when scuba divers feel threatened by marine wildlife that they should ascend slowly towards the surface while keeping an eye on the animal  until the perceived threat has dissipated.Seal Attacks Diver

There is little that one can do to prevent unwanted wildlife encounters, but it helps to be educated about how to handle encounters with marine wildlife.

What I believe it all boils down to is realizing that we, as divers are just visitors in their environment. Your safety, for the most part, is often as simple as  just maintaining a safe distance from wild marine animals.

Shark Attacks Diver

Although rare, when compiled, these extreme attacks on divers are scary.

See Next Page below  for a video compilation of these harrowing situations if you dare….

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