Muck Diving Techniques [Video]

Good muck diving skills center around  techniques for diving mucky underwater environments with out mucking them up.. (sorry couldn't resist that ..LOL)

The video clip referenced below is well produced, very informative and yet very entertaining.  It emphasizes the fact  that although sandy and mucky bottoms look relatively uninhabited, they are teaming with fragile marine life.

They stress that stirring up murky areas interferes with marine life and it should be avoided.  They demonstrate the  importance of proper weighting to mitigate  finning that could possibly stir up the muck and disturb bottom dwelling marine life.

The use of  stainless pointers for stabilization is recommended and the use of care when you need to stabilize on underwater formations is suggested.

Many of their other recommendations, like being careful with dangling gear when near the bottom, seem somewhat mundane.  Nonetheless, they are certainly well worth mentioning.

I did find it interesting however, that they demonstrated all of the suggestions that they recommended you not do… including ones indicated that you should never do under any circumstances.  However, for educational purposes, we will grant them a pass on that one 🙂

Watch the following video to brush up on your muck diving skills.




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