Is It Cave Diving or Cavern Diving?

Cavern diving is very similar to cave diving.

The main difference between cavern diving and cave diving is that cavern diving divers must stay within sight of the entrance, the light zone.

Cavern diving like cave diving requires proper training and diving skills.

Cavern Diving

Cavern Diving – Source

The following article presents 5 useful tips for cavern diving.

They include:

  • Stay in the light.
  • Use of the frog kick to prevent kicking up any sediment.
  • Use only 1/3 of your air supply while swimming into the cavern, and 1/3 for swimming out of the cavern, the remaining third is for a safety reserve.
  • Only dive in caverns where a permanent route line is in place and Fin the line. That is, don't grab it just swim along the line.
  • Avoid getting stuck by not entering small spaces


Take a glimpse of a magnificent cave/cavern dive at Cenote Manatee and Dos Ojos in the video clip below.

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