Eating Underwater While Scuba Diving? [Video]

Who knew … The possibility of having a meal while scuba diving never occurred to me ….

I came across  this first video of a diver eating a banana underwater. It somewhat intrigued me, so I looked for more videos and found a few more.  As a result it  seems that there may be quite a few divers that have or will attempt to eat and drink underwater. Have you ever done this or know of anyone who has?

Diver eating a Banana while underwater

Images Source: YouTube Clips

I do not believe there is a PADI course that covers this yet… so be careful with these stunts… OK

I was actually surprised to find the following video clips depicting scuba divers eating and drinking under water while diving.  .. oh well i guess folks are always trying something new.. LOL

See next page below for other videos of divers enjoying a submerged meal…



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