Divers Trying To Escape a Massive Vortex Current [Video]

A group of divers caught in a vortex current fight to free themselves from its grip.

In the following video a group of divers supposedly mistakenly swim into what is known as a vortex current. A vortex current is an underwater current that runs parallel to the surface of the water.

Diver in Vortex

Diver Caught in Vortex Current

Vortex currents are known to occur at relatively few known dive sites around the world, so there is relatively little information about them.

Vortex Current

Vortex Current's Signature Horizontal  Bubble Pattern

Vortex currents can be recognized by a pattern of horizontal bubbles that kind of snake through the water. If  you are caught in a vortex current while scuba diving, the suggestion is to remain calm and attempt to swim perpendicularly out of it.

Watch these divers try to escape this vortex current in the video on the next page below.



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