Diver Panics As he Is Sucked Down BY Current [Video]

A young scuba diver has a frightening experience while diving as he is caught up in a down-current.

Ok so, his otherwise enjoyable dive went from good to bad fairly fast.  As  the diver made his descent below the surface he was overtaken by a strong wall down-current.

At about 3:30 into the video clip the diver gets caught up in the down-current.  About a minute and a half later you can hear him crying for help. Fortunately he wasn't diving alone and other divers were also caught up in the strong down-current as well.  Notice … the air bubbles were not even easily floating to the surface.

Divers In Wall-downcurrent

Eventually, a more experienced diver was able to make his way over and assist the distressed diver escape the down-current, but then the inexperienced diver rockets to the surface too fast.

This entire event is caught in the following video, watch it on the next page below.



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