Scuba Diver Encounters Massive Deadly Predator

Paul Nicklen, scuba diver and photographer for National Geographic, encounters a massive leopard seal as well as his fears.

Leopard seals are one of Antarctica's most viscous predators.

We have to give Paul Credit for having the courage to overcome his fears in order to take advantage of this opportunity to photograph these predators.  Especially after what happened to him.  needless to say, most divers would not be willing to take the risk.

Seal Encounter

Paul's description of what the sea lion did  to his head and camera would be enough for me as well as most scuba divers to abort the mission.

 See Next page for video of what happened


Watch the following video narrated by Paul to see how his his experience turned out.

Images Source: YouTube Clips


For Additional insights – Click here to Check out Paul Nicklen's TedTalks – “Animal Tales From icy Wonderlands”




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