Diver Attacked by Remora [Video]

Remoras are thought to be creepy blood sucking fish that attach themselves to a host  which is typically whales or sharks, but what about scuba divers?


(Photo by Phil Colarusso, U.S. EPA Government photo free use). Remora attached to a whale's back travels upside down

Remoras are not actually blood sucking leeches and they generally do no harm to their hosts. However, the thought of one of these guys actually attaching to a scuba diver is rather creepy.

Stranger things have happened, but there have been incidences where a remora will try to attach to a scuba diver as is seen in the video referenced below.

Remora Attached To Dolphin

Remora on a spotted dolphin. (Photo by Jessica Aschettino, Cascadia Research Collective).

Encountering a persistent remora can be scary for a diver and possibly cause panic that can lead to a perilous outcome if not managed correctly.

See next page for a video clip of a persistent remora trying to attach to a scuba diver.




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