Dive The Kelp Forests off California’s Coast [Video]

Discover the Wonders of California's Channel Islands Kelp Forest.. its called the American Galapagos

Eight islands make up California's Channel islands, a beautiful oasis in the sea.  Two distinct currents meet up at these islands producing and abundance of life both above and below the surface with three distinct marine zones.  There are lush kelp forests that provide shelter  and protection for vasts amounts of marine life as well as sand flats, rocky reefs and sea caves.

Five  of the islands are within the channel islands Natural Park and Marine Sanctuary.  Year round whale migrations and sea lions abound throughout the islands.

The southern Channel islands are home to very large black sea bass.

The kelp forests of of California's coast in the Channel Islands is like an underwater rain forest.

There is an amazing array of wild life including black sea bass that can grow as long as 7 ft weighing over 700 pounds.

Watch the following video produced by  Dive into Your Imagination  for a glimpse of what diving the Channel Islands is like.

Images Source: YouTube Clips



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