Did Colossus Learn to Breach Too? [Video]

Breaching is a learned  behavior of sharks in what is called sector 4.

Sector 4 is an area off the southern tip of Seal Island.  It is known as a primary attack zone for great white sharks to feed on seals. Sector 4 is unique in that its is one of the only areas known for sharks to breach out of the water.

Colossus, a 3,000lb great white shark,  has never been known to breach out of the water.  A team sets out to determine if Colossus has learned to breach like other sharks that frequent the area. They used a seal decoy that was towed behind their boat… Needless to say it didn't take long for Colossus to fly up and breach attacking the decoy.

Watch Colossus at work  in the following video clip

Images Source: YouTube Clips



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