Amazing Shark Charmer [Video]

Sharks do in fact feel pain and suffering and can even be playful. I mean, who ever thought of petting sharks?

After watching these videos you will most likely come to the conclusion that sharks also feel and seek pleasure.  This whole idea of sharks feeling pain and pleasure certainly is a paradigm shift from the common image of sharks as ferocious killers of the sea.

The other side of sharks you hardly see.Follow the journey of photographer Eric Cheng as he brings to light the animals that have been misrepresented by mythology and popular culture and uses photography to tell the true story of these animals before it’s too late.Tales By Light 2Continues Tuesday 7.30pm AEDT on National Geographic Channel

Posted by National Geographic Australia on Saturday, October 29, 2016

Image Source: Facebook Clips


Shark Petting

Sharks are at the apex of the food chain, clearly, but they do have their place in the natural balance of marine life. Unfortunately, we loose sight of this fact and tend to allow excessive shark fishing .

Watch the video below in HD of Randy Jordan playfully interacting with Tiger and Lemon sharks.  I am sure your thoughts about sharks will change.

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