A Silfra Drysuit Diving Experience [Video]

Silfra offers very  a very unique diving experience for divers.

Divers experience incredible visibility and the unique experience of the ability to actually touch both North American tectonic as well as the European tectonic plates below the water.

Silfra is a freshwater rift in the Mid Atlantic Ridge.  Its glacial  waters are cold, very pure and offers crystal clear visibility. Naturally, you will need the warmth and protection of a drysuit for this dive, as explained in the video below.

Diving Silfra is said to be a once in a life time experience. Perhaps you should consider putting a Silfra dive on your scuba bucket-list.

Watch David Ramsey's druysuit dive of of Silfra for a glimpse of what Silfra offers divers in the following video.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Divers Kevin and Christina dive the crystal clear waters of silfra and share their experiences …

Christina & Kevin Dive Silfra

Christina & Kevin Dive Silfra – Source htp://wanderingwagars.com

As you dive in the crystal clear glacier water you are reminded of the power of our ever-changing Earth.  Silfra is considered to be one of the top dive sites in the world due to its incredibly clear water and the fact that it is the only known place where you can dive between continental plates.  Along with its spectacular geology, the water, which trickles down from the Langjökull is so clean you can remove your regulator and sip at the ice cold water for refreshment whenever you need.

The hike to the water from the van isn’t long, but it isn’t easy.  Lugging your dive tank and gear while wearing the hot and cumbersome dry suit for a quarter kilometre will ensure your blood is pumping in time for your dip into the ice-cold water.  At the start of the dive, there is a conveniently placed half-stair to help you get started.

Read more about Christina and Kevin's Silfra dive and wetsuit cettification here.

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