10 Weird Underwater Creatures [Video]

The following 10 underwater creatures  have unique abilities and or features that makes them stand out.

The list includes:

  • Archer Fish – 10cm. long with th ability to shoot their prey with accuracy at distances of up to 3m above the water's surface.
  • Tree-Climbing Perch – Native to Asia, these fish can climb trees and travel across dry land. They typically grow to 25cm and  can exist on dry land for weeks.
  • African Tiger Fish – These fresh water fish are native to Africa. They can leap out of the water to capture low flying birds.
  • Cuttlefish – These mollusks have amazing camouflage ability
  • Hagfish – Marine fish with a skull and no vertebrae… If captured they can exude a gill clogging mucus slime that can expand up to 20 meters.

Watch the following video for the more details as well as the remaining list of 5 weird underwater creatures.

Images Source: YouTube Clips


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