Deadly Underwater Lake below the Gulf of Mexico [Video]

Its hard to image, but an underwater lake lies about 3300 ft below the Gulf of Mexico.

This lake is known as  the “HotTub of Despair” was discovered last year by the E/V Nautilus, a San Pedro–based research vessel.  The lake is a deadly mix of  oxygen-less super-salty water and dissolved toxic chemicals such as methane and hydrogen sulfide that kills any marine life that falls into it.

Its a very bizarre structure with its own mineral walls that rise about 12 feet off of the ocean floor.   The lake is mostly crater shaped, but it has its own rivers and waterfalls.

Its temperature was recorded at 46 degrees F at the surface and as high as 66 degrees F at a maximum probed depth of 62 feet. The depth of the lake is unknown, but is speculated to be as deep as a few kilometers because it is formed over a crack in the sea floor.

Explore this underwater lake in the amazing video below.

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