Bird-Eating Fish Catches Birds In Flight [video]

That is correct, this is a fish that captures birds in the-air.

Blue Planet II went out on a limb to capture footage of what was once believed a long-tale about a fish that actually eats birds. Well,  after of a week of failed attempts they were finally able to capture amazing footage of this feat in slow motion as seen in the video below.

These fish are called Giant Trevallies and they can grow to lengths of 5.5 ft. long and weigh upwards of 150 pounds. They are very strong and have the amazing ability to calculate the range, altitude and trajectory of a bird in flight. Giant Trevallies usually hunt alone, but can also hunt as a school as well. It is for these reasons that these fish are highly prized by game fishermen.


Watch this amazing footage of Giant Trevallies catching birds.

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