The Elite Lionfish Squad Help With Aruba’s Lionfish Infestation [video]

The Elite Lionfish Squad captures 31 lionfish at a single site, one of which was a record catch.

The site chosen is known to be a popular hangout for all types of reef fish. However, it has been taken over, to a large extent, by up to as many as 100 lionfish.  Divers began to notice drastic changes in the amount and size of fish fish around the site.  The absence of smaller fish was particularly noticeable.

A group of divers, known as The Lionfish Squad decides to help relieve the site of lionfish. They captured 31 lionfish, one of which made a new Aruba record of 42cm at the time.

Some of the lionfish were so large that they couldn’t fit into large lionfish containment canisters.

The following video clip of the Elite Lionfish Squad in action sheds light on how bad a lionfish invasion an be on local reefs.

Image Source: YouTube Clips

Lionfish are detrimental to our reefs. However, they have one thing against them … They taste great and folks are spreading the word. Many establishments can not get enough lionfish to serve their customers. So, our consumption of lionfish appears to be the best , if not the only solution available as of now to control their spread and subsequent destruction of our coral reef’s marine life.

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